Doñagdeo is the avatar for transformation. Doñagdeo is both a sorcerer and a warrior. She is present where ever pioneering souls are making new discoveries, especially in the realms of sciences and spirituality. The patterns in Doñagdeo's suit come from arabesque architecture, while the helmet is inspired by my exposure to the uniqueness and originality of Samurai Helmets. Doñagdeo's helmet is of my own design. She is named after a word for "bad dreams" invented by Dorothy Bryant in her sci-fi classic, the 'Kin of Ata Are Waiting for You'.

In 2016 traveled to Barcelona to created a series for Doñagdeo which connect her with historic places and portals. This series explores her power and role as a shamaness for historic transformation.

l'entrada: 2016. composite photo
arbusts ardents: 2016 composite and photo-montage.
la paret: 2016. composite photo
cerada: 2016.

Model: Telma Ha (Marghareta Bergamo) as Doñagdeo. I traveled to Barcelona to work with Telma Ha in 2016. Barcelona's Barri Gotic proved to be the ideal location for Donagdeo's narrative. The Gothic and Midaevil architecture, which has a great deal of Arabian influences, responds to the Arabesque motif on Doñagdeo's body.

rising: 2015

divination: 2015

drawing through: 2015

medicine wheel. 2015. composite photo

Model: Wendy Jehlen. Photo credit: David Chaje. This series coincided with 'Donagdeo, Mapping the Unseen' a performance at Spoke Gallery, of Medicine Wheel Productions. The Medicine Wheel in the background was created by Michael Dowling and Medicine Wheel Productions, I created the green floor sculpture/installation.