I create ‘fine art superheroes’, wearable-characters that embody ideas about creativity and spirituality. In my suits I use patterns and motifs from middle eastern culture, and from my personal experiences I like to create living, moving art experiences.

I feel this work is important. It is time to create a new generation of superheroes born out of the 21st century, and artists must create these superheroes. The characters we create today preserve who we are as a society and what we value most in our leaders and selves. Every society uses their heroic characters and epic stories to define the values and virtues they hold most dear. Despite the rise of superhero themes in film, comics, conventions, and children’s toys, the characters we celebrate were created in the 20th century, sometimes even three of four generations ago. Search in google and find out when these superheroes were created: Superman, Batman, Black Panther. You’ll be surprised. It is important we create characters for the 21st century, that represent what matters most to us today and not just what mattered 30 or 40 years ago.

Visual artists are the ones most likely to create these characters. They’re not beholden to giant media corporations, they don’t need to worry about the box office, and they can just make what they find most meaningful. We also have a direct connection to our audiences, and can tell stories in small circles or larger audiences as we want. So it is my mission not only to create, but also to share how might create our own characters, and I’ll be satisfied when more and more cosplay artists (who are incredibly talented craftspeople) begin to develop their own characters and even stories.

It’s my mission to create superheroes for the 21st century, and to encourage other artists to do so a swell. If you’d like to support me on my mission, please visit www.patreon.com/fineartsuperheroes to support my project.